What Passes For “Mainstream” Liberal Thought These Days Part 2

Would you like to see what the average liberal today believes, live and in living color? Then head on over to The Smirking Chimp, a wildly popular, mainstream liberal weblog.

So, what sort of “mainstream” ideas does this “mainstream” liberal blog promote? Well, what you’re going to read below are some quotations from articles on the front page of the Smirking Chimp. Keep in mind that every single quote you’re about to read comes from the authors of the posts on the front page, not from the commenters.

As you read what the people over at the Smirking Chimp have to say, just remember that the people writing these remarks are not that dissimilar in mentality to the Democratic staffers up on Capitol Hill, the Democratic Party activists, and indeed, the very people who will take the reigns of power in the United States if the Democrats do well enough at the polls in November.

This is what most liberals in America believe today. Read it and weep.

“Here is that address to Democrats Abroad (Munich), delivered 11 October, 2006:

Two years ago, when we last met in this same building shortly after the debacle of the 2004 election, the situation in the U.S. was really bad, but not yet desperate. The question then was “how bad would it get under CheneyBush?” The short answer to that question now is “Very VERY bad.” Consider:

…* So bad that many of my friends and colleagues, depending on what happens November 7, are seriously thinking about getting out while the getting is good, like those who emigrated in fear from late-’30s Germany.

…* So bad that, at least on the fringes — from the far Right and the far Left — there is starting to be talk about the possible need for some kind of revolution, even if undefined.

* So bad, that some liberals — yes, liberals! — are starting to float speculation about a military coup to overthrow the Bush Administration.

….If the GOP can be decisively defeated on Nov. 7, there won’t be an immediate turnaround, of course, but there will be hope for major changes down the road. If the GOP, through dirty tricks or otherwise, sqeaks through the midterm election not too badly hurt, all those extreme reactions I mentioned at the start of my talk will begin to look more and more necessary to many in order to save our country.”

“In the two years since the fraudulent defeat of John Kerry, we’ve unearthed an unholy arsenal by which that election was stolen.” — Harvey Wasserman

“Recently, when Al Franken came to the Crest Theater in Sacramento, I was there with a large sign that said, “Impeach Bush.” When a couple of old guys (who wore the hats of WWII veterans) walked by me, one said, “Impeach? Hell, kill the b*stard!” Several people standing nearby broke out in laughter. I laughed too…” — Stephen S. Pearcy

“What’s interesting about this story is that when Odysseus started his ferocious cleanup of the “suitors”, one of them asked him why he was so filled with fury. Remember his answer? His answer was, “Because you were trying to steal my world.”

That’s the definition of a Republican: someone who’s trying to steal your world, your kingdom, your children and the very heart and soul of your life.

Is money your God? Do you think it’s ok to sacrifice other people’s children to fatten the coffers of companies like Halliburn? Do you think Mother Nature is an insignificant motel for the salvation/damnation antics of Evangelicals? Do you think the pitiful and terrified residents of New Orleans deserved their fate because they weren’t members of a George Bush country club?

If your answer is no to any of the above, then you’re not a Republican. So no illusions, please. G. W. Bush is merely the smirking tip of this loathsome and heartless iceberg.” — W. Christopher Epler

“You wonder why Bush and his minions maintain the seemingly irrational belief that “things are going well” in Iraq, that “we’re making progress,” etc.? That’s because things are going well in the war they are fighting: the war for money and power. What happens to the human beings caught up in this war – Iraqi civilians, or American citizens at ever-greater risk from the terrorism spawned by the war – is, again, no concern of the Bush gang. In fact, the worse things are from that standpoint, the better it is for the Bushists. The war profits (and stolen swag) they and their corporate cronies have accrued from the Iraq War (and the “War on Terror” as well) have given them unimaginable wealth with which to continue their overall dominance of American society – no matter who wins the elections in 2006 or 2008, or for decades beyond. As I’ve stated often before, no matter what happens, Bush and his cronies have already won the war.” — Chris Floyd

“How, then, might the Busheviks avoid accountability for their crimes by remaining in control of the Congress? The same way that they seized control of the White House in 2000, and maintained control of Congress and the White House in 2004, namely by rigging these elections through their surrogates in “the election industry.”

…If, this time, the GOP control of the vote counting once again frustrates the will of a large majority of the voters, the proportion of doubters (half of the population, according to Zogby) will likely increase. Perhaps then much more than half will seriously doubt the validity of the elections, while many more “somewhat” doubt these results. At some point of no-confidence, the public at large will finally come to realize that the government of the United States no longer rules with “the consent of the governed” and thus lacks the legitimacy to govern.

What then? Worst case: Bush imposes the dictatorial powers given him by the Patriot Act and by the Military Commissions Act (of September 28), and the United States becomes in fact what it is now implicitly, a dictatorship. Best case: the people, united, overthrow the illegitimate regime. This has happened recently, in Ukraine in 2004 and in the Soviet Union in 1991.” — Ernest Partridge

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