What Should Republican Principles Be?

A political party should have a set of abiding principles that will help guide its representatives towards where they should stand on the issues. If members of that party lose sight of those principles, it becomes all too easy for them to simply make bad decisions based on the shifting political winds of the moment. So, with that in mind, here are some the Republican Party principles that GOPers in Congress should keep in mind when they’re trying to decide what to do in Washington.

Among other things, the Republican Party should be:

The “America First” party.
The capitalist party.
The daddy party
The law and order party.
The party of free trade.
The party of honest government and reform.
The party of low taxes.
The party of moral values.
The party of optimism.
The party of personal responsibility.
The party of small government.
The party of strong national defense.
The party that believes in defending America.
The party that believes in sticking to the Constitution as closely as possble.
The party that’s friendly to Christians.
The party that believes the business of America is business.
The party of fiscal responsibility.
The patriotic party.
The pro-life party (added after a suggestion from the comment section)

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