When I’ll Start Feeling Sympathy For The Palestinians

In general, it’s hard to feel any sympathy for people who “never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity,” like the Palestinians, but when you see poll numbers like these, any pity you do have for them just evaporates:

“The Jerusalem Media and Communications Centre surveyed a random sample of 2,000 people in the Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank during an ongoing Israeli incursion in Gaza to free the soldier captured in a June 25 cross border raid.

…The poll, conducted on July 6 and 7, showed 77 percent of Palestinians backed the capture of Corporal Gilad Shalit, while 22 percent were opposed, a statement from the centre said.

More than 60 percent favoured the rocket attacks on southern Israel, the survey found, though Israel has vowed to put a halt to such fire as an additional aim of the current offensive.”

The Palestinians voted in a group of genocidal terrorists as their leaders, they support kidnapping Israeli soldiers, and they favor firing rockets at Israeli civilians. Then after ceaselessly and relentlessly provoking the Israelis into attacking them, it’s, “Wah! The Israelis are being mean to us!”

You know when I’ll start caring about what happens to the Palestinians?

1) When they recognize Israel’s existence and start adding Israel to their maps.
2) When they stop selecting terrorists to run their government.
3) When they disarm all the terrorist groups.
4) When the Palestinian people stop backing kidnappings, suicide bombings, and terrorist attacks.
5) When they stop naming streets after “martyrs” and glorifying them.
6) When they stop teaching their kids every day in school to murder the Israelis.
7) When they stop trying to demographically destroy Israel via the Right of Return.

As far as I’m concerned, until the Palestinian people stop advocating the destruction of Israel and quit supporting groups that deliberately try to slaughter Israeli civilians, they deserve anything and everything that happens to them short of genocide.

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