Where’s The Outrage?: Five Americans

Where’s The Outrage?: Five Americans were murdered by Hamas, a terrorist group that’s supported by the Palestinian people and that’s protected by the Palestinian government. Some of the death-worshipping savages who live in the “disputed territories’ even had a street party to celebrate. Now where’s the outrage? Where are the demands that we suspend all aid to the Palestinians? Where are the calls for the CIA and US special forces to get involved in hunting down and eradicating Hamas? I know the Israelis are capable of doing it if we ever got out of their way, but we’re the one nation in the world that doesn’t need anyone to fight our battles for us. Here’s President Bush’s response to these attacks…

“I am just as angry as Israel is. I am furious. But even though I am mad, I still think peace is possible.”

Do you know how you make peace with groups like Hamas? You hunt them so ferociously that they get out of the business, you put them in prison cells, or preferably you kill them. That’s when you have peace.

“Today we mourn the loss of American lives,” Bush said at the outset of his meeting with the king. He said the terrorists were guided by “some kind of false religion” and were trying to kill off peace hopes.

“We are committed to the war on terror, to fighting the war on terror, to winning the war on terror,” he said.”

You’d never know it from the things that have been happening for the last couple of days. First we put the attack on Iraq off indefinitely and now we have Palestinians terrorist murdering Americans and we’re responding by talking about “peace.” I’m sure that’s scaring the living Hell out of them. The ‘War on Terror’ is going out just like MacArthur said old soliders do; it’s not dying, it’s just fading away.

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