Who Says the Israelis Didn’t

Who Says the Israelis Didn’t Accomplish Anything?: Some people have claimed that the Israelis didn’t accomplish anything with their incursion into the occupied territories. Of course, the flood of attacks on Israel has turned from a flood into a trickle since the Israeli army rolled in and blew away or captured every terrorist they could find…but that must be a coincidence right? Well, listen to what a terrorist named Abu Khalid from Al Aqsa has to say about it

“One Al Aqsa commander says the group may take months to rebuild to its former strength, but needs only weeks to mount a deadly attack. “Perhaps six or seven months are needed before we will be back to the old level. But a very serious attack is possible as early as June,” says Abu Khalid.”

So it’ll take 1/2 a year for them to get back to full strength? That’s assuming the Israelis don’t hit them again isn’t it? The Israelis better be careful. A few more raids like that last one and they might beat the terrorists down so badly that the “cycle of violence” will be broken beyond repair….

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