Who Says There Is No Money In Blogging?

The number of advertisers working with blogads dropped off a lot after the election, but has really started to pick back up of late. In fact, there are now a number of blogs that seem to be making enough money to eke out a living.

Furthermore, because of the “open” system Blogads uses, you can get a rough idea of how much money some of these blogs are making. Last night, I went through, took the number of ads each blogger had, multiplied it by what they charge per week, and came up with some rough estimates of how much loot they’re raking in.

Do keep in mind that blogads take 20% off the top and that the numbers you’ll see will likely be a bit high because the amount bloggers charge per ad usually drops if advertisers buy ads for longer periods (either two-weeks or a month). That being said, just look at these numbers…

Gross Advertising Revenue Per Week — A Rough, Probably High Estimate

Daily Kos: $6800
Talking Points Memo: $2900
Andrew Sullivan: $2400
Instapundit: $2125
Eschaton: $2000
Hugh Hewitt: $1500
Political Animal: $1430
The Smirking Chimp: $1350
Wonkette: $1150
Political Wire: $1100
MyDD: $1000
Little Green Footballs: $1000
Wizbang!: $950
Power Line: $900
The Raw Story: $597
Matthew Yglesias: $510

As the internet advertising market matures and the traffic flowing to the blogosphere increases, expect the number of people making this sort of money to skyrocket…

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