Who would you rather have cut your grass?

How low is the bar and what does it matter? The media becomes more a parody of itself with every passing day. When it’s  not busy rubbing its paws in glee cheering on criminals committing  crimes and misdemeanors in the immoral illegal act of hacking private emails,  they are scratching their ass thinking, uh what could Obama do better than McCain – c’mon guys, think of something.

Well they have. Here it is.

hat tip David who added, "this is a crucial test for somebody who wants to be President of the United States, as we all know. I am hoping the same brain-trust that came up with this one will be asking people who they would rather have as their witch doctor or voodoo practitioner? I am guessing Obama would win that one too. I would rather have McCain watch my cat, but Obama would be my choice to perform my appendectomy. I would rather have McCain cut my lawn, but I think Obama would do a better job edging my lawn.

These are all critical questions to ask of the person who may be called on to lead our country, and they must be considered very carefully".

Would would you rather have iron your panties?

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