Why Are We Helping The Palestinians?

Americans were murdered by Palestinian terrorists again today. It looks like a remote controlled bomb “killed three American security personnel and injured one”.

But what were Americans doing in the Gaza strip? It was a diplomatic mission and the “convoy had been on their way to interview people for a scholarship in the United States when they were attacked. Then when the “US embassy personnel” came to the scene later the Palestinians through stones at them. Furthermore, the BBC reports there was “jubilation among Palestinians in a nearby refugee camp” over the death of Americans.

Why do we keep pumping money into this death cult? What’s the point of trying to help the Palestinians build a state that would be every bit as much of a problem as the two nations we’ve invaded since 9/11? These people are part of a savage and vicious death obsessed culture, they’re modern day Aztecs, and they absolutely hate us. So isn’t it about time to stop bending over backwards to help them?

We should cut off every dime of American money flowing into the Palestinian territories for any purpose, give the Israelis carte blanche to deal with Palestinians as they see fit, and tell the Palestinians not to bother calling us again for any reason until Arafat and the rest of the terrorists are gone. You don’t work on a “roadmap to peace” with human garbage like Arafat and the rest of the terrorists, you build it over their corpses. Until we and the Israelis accept that we’re not going to make any real progress toward peace.

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