Why Did I Pull You Over? No Particular Reason Really…

Generally, I’m a staunch supporter of the police, but this quota system that’s being implemented in Montana is a disaster waiting to happen:

“For motorists wondering whether police are working on a quota system, an answer can be found in Montana.

A new policy requires state troopers to stop at least one vehicle an hour, whether the driver has done anything wrong or not. But the driver doesn’t have to be ticketed, so police officials say it’s not a quota system.”

So let me get this straight: the police are going to pull motorists over who have done absolutely nothing wrong and then they’re going to do what? Walk up and say: “Sorry, I pulled you over for no reason?”

How in the world can anyone think this is a good idea?

People who get pulled over without cause may understandably become angry with the police, it opens cops up for charges of racial profiling and harassment, and it could even muddy up the water enough for some criminals to get off the hook on “probable cause” related issues.

Nothing good is going to come out of this policy and the people of Montana should demand that it be discontinued.

Hat tip to Ravenwood’s Universe for the story.

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