Why I Voted For George W. Bush By Jason Smith

Those who agree with me understand why. Those who disagree with me understand why. For those who don’t know me, let me tell you why.

George W. Bush thinks the best defense against terrorism is a good offense. Hitting them before they hit us seems to be a pretty effective strategy. It’s a strategy we should’ve undertaken 11 years ago. It’s a strategy our opponents really didn’t think we’d ever take.

George W. Bush agreed with all those, on the Left and the Right, who came before him and declared Saddam Hussein a threat to the world. And he took action. Despite an uphill battle, roller coaster polls and some so-called allies who were conspiring with the enemy to prevent us from taking the necessary action. It’s a stand our opponents thought we’d lose.

George W. Bush recognizes the need to let hard working Americans keep more of what they earn. He understands that people can’t help the needy when they’re struggling to pay their tax bill to fund inefficient and ineffective government programs. He fought like hell to get the tax package passed, even while his opposition fought like hell against it. It’s an effort his opponents thought would cost him.

George W. Bush sees the wisdom in not discriminating against Faith-based organizations when handing out federal money just because his opponents position it as some hostile religious takeover over the government while still maintaining they, themselves are religious. It’s a cause his opponents thought he would have to abandon.

George W. Bush sees the promise of stem-cell research, but understands the potential cost as well. Even while his opponents mischaracterize the debate, he presses on, being the first President to support federal funding for embryonic stem cell research at all. It’s an issue on which his opponents thought they could shake him.

George W. Bush knows that we’re all Americans and as such, we should all be afforded an equal opportunity. His opponents still call him racist, despite the fact his success in diversity is measured by powerful blacks, not a simple slogan of black power. It’s a vision his opponents thought wouldn’t work.

George W. Bush sees the abortion issue as affecting more than just one life. It’s a fact his opponents try to deny.

George W. Bush understands that September 11th changed this country, for better and worse. he acknowledges that we have to enact protection while maintaining the freedoms that make this country great. He also understands that common sense should prevail over political correctness. Pandering should never replace true respect for those who are different. It’s a concept his opponents still haven’t learned.

George W. Bush has seen the impact of real education reform. He knows that simple social promotion isn’t real education. He sees the value true learning can have on the American spirit. He believes in our citizens armed with the power of knowledge. It’s an issue his opponents thought they owned.

George W. Bush gets it when it comes to Social Security. He understands that in the private sector, such a ponzi scheme would result in jailtime for those perpetrating it. He knows the plan won’t be available for folks my age, so he wants to give us an option of preparing ourselves for retirement, the old fashioned way – personal responsibility. It’s an issue his opponents try to capitalize on.

George W. Bush doesn’t think a government-run healthcare system is the best answer and all he has to do is point at most every other government program to prove it will be a failure. He understands that the best way to make healthcare affordable is to reduce the lottery-ticket-litigation. It’s an issue his opponents are intimate with.

George W. Bush recognizes the need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil – for security and financial reasons. He understands there are places in the U.S. that could be used for supplies. It’s an issue his opponents don’t understand.

George W. Bush says that it is his faith that sustains him. He says it’s his faith that guides his decisions. He’s not ashamed to spread the joy of his faith and not afraid to ask for prayers from others. It’s a gift his opponents try to hide.

George W. Bush is not afraid to be himself, even if it costs some political points. He knows the real heart and soul of America. He believes America must seize this moment in history and America must lead. He knows we must give our prosperity a greater purpose, a purpose of peace and freedom and hope. He knows we’re a great nation of good and loving people.

And he knows we have a charge to keep.

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