Why I’d Want A Pre-Nup If I Were Rich

Last week, I was talking with one my friends on the phone and she was telling me how much she hated the idea of men having their wives sign pre-nuptial agreements. That’s because, in her mind, the agreements were a sign that the man doesn’t view the marriage as permanent.

But, au contraire, I told her, they’re actually a defense against a court system that allows undeserving women to loot rich men of the money they’ve earned — and besides, no matter how committed to a marriage you may be, if your partner doesn’t feel the same way and you’re a rich man, you’re screwed. In other words, it’s not about the man not being committed to the marriage, it’s about the man worrying how much it will cost him if his new wife isn’t committed to the marriage.

Exhibit A on how men get treated when divorces go to court is the Paul McCartney/Heather Mills case,

Despite only being married to Paul McCartney for four years, Heather Mills was awarded $46.5 million and an additional $70,000 for her daughter’s “expenses” in court yesterday. This is a far cry from the $250 million she was demanding, and less than the $100 million settlement she and Paul had mutually agreed upon. However, McCartney’s lawyer, Fiona Shackleton (who represented Prince Charles), talked him out of it and urged him to let a judge decide. He did and the gamble paid off. Mills’ response after the ruling? Throwing a glass of water at Shackleton’s head and a 12-minute rant outside the High Court because she felt she didn’t get enough money.

First of all, what role did Heather Mills play in Paul McCartney’s success? Pretty much, none whatsoever. He was incredibly rich and famous before he met her. But, she at least spent 4 years slaving over a hot stove and cleaning the mansion for him, right? Given how rich they were, that’s very doubtful.

Moreover, I think it’s fair to ask what benefits she got out of being married to Paul McCartney. He’s fabulously rich and she got to share in his wealth. He’s famous and she got to share in his fame. How many opportunities came her way and will continue to come her way just because she was married to him? Plenty, I’m sure.

So, what are we talking about here? We’re talking about a gold digger, who married Paul McCartney, and looted his bank account for $46.5. Should he have had a pre-nup? Oh, you bet. Should any wealthy man get a pre-nup? Given how rigged the court system is against a man after a divorce in most places, you bet.

PS: I know 46 million dollars isn’t a big chunk of McCartney’s fortune, but it’s still 46 million dollars.

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