Why Is It That We

Why Is It That We Protect Other Nations, But Won’t Protect Our Own Borders?: “Conservative lawmakers called on President Bush to deploy thousands of troops along U.S. borders, saying the homeland security plan that the White House delivered yesterday to Congress would take years to crack down on illegal immigration.”

“Lawmakers cited a report by the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington saying that more than 481,000 immigrants had entered the United States illegally since September 11.

“This continuing influx of illegal immigrants must stop immediately to prevent terrorists from entering our country unabated,” Mr. Ramstad said. “There simply aren’t enough border patrol and customs agents to do the job.”

We already have somewhere between seven and eleven million illegal aliens in the United States and if this article is to be believed, we have roughly another half million illegal aliens sneaking in every six months or so. Does allowing people who don’t respect our laws to meander across the border make sense to anyone? What message does this send to the ten million plus Mexicans and people from all over the world who are playing by the rules and are waiting to get their visas? Moreover, we even go so far as to reward illegal aliens for flouting our laws and not paying their taxes by teaching their children, giving them reduced rates at colleges, etc, etc.

We’re also now in a “War against Terrorism” and we have dangerous men who have access to biological and chemical weapons, desperately trying to get into the United States. We can deny them visas all day long but what’s to stop them from showing up somewhere South of the border and just waltzing right into the United States along with the drug runners and illegal immigrants?

We have to control our borders and I fully support using the military to do just that until we can beef up Customs, the INS, and the Border Patrol to the point where they can get the job done. Keeping illegal aliens and terrorists out of our country is well worth the effort and the expense of having our military patrol the borders and it’s about time we got serious about this issue.

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