Why It’s Useless To Make Agreements With Terrorists

As expected — well, at least by anyone not from cloud cuckoo land — it looks like the Palestinian terrorist groups were only interested in using the “ceasefire” as a convenient opportunity to take a breather. Haaretz has the details…

“Military intelligence warned Monday that Hezbollah and seven cells in the Ramallah-Nablus area are planning separate terror attacks on Israel. The warnings come on top of an earlier statement by Hamas, which called on all militant groups to be ready for confrontation with Israel, and a threat from a Fatah-affiliated militant group that it too would carry out an attack on Israel.

A senior military intelligence officer also told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Monday that Hamas had spurred the assembly of Qassam rockets in Nablus and fired them at West Bank settlements, Israel Radio
reported. He said the rockets pose a serious threat to the center of the country.”

I thought this paragraph from later on in the piece really got across the futility of trying to negotiate with these terrorist groups…

“The leader of the (Al-Aqsa Martyrs) Brigades in the West Bank city of Tul Karm said his group planned revenge for the killing of a man who the army said had been planting a bomb by a road near Tul Karm, but would otherwise stick to the truce.”

Ehr…if one of your men is planting a bomb, you’re not sticking by the truce in the first place.

What I said about a week and a half ago still stands…

“Anyone who’s paying attention knows that Israel is going to make a lot of concessions, the Pals will stop the violence for a little while, and then the terrorists will say “Truce over — we blame the Israelis” and everything will start back-up. Until the terrorists are dead or disarmed (preferably dead), nothing is going to be accomplished. Since that’s not happening and Abbas (Mazen) shows no signs of doing it, we’re just killing time until the Palestinians start blowing themselves up on buses and in pizzarias again. “

Can I make a suggestion, one entirely reasonable suggestion? After this latest “peace plan” fails miserably (and it will), can we demand that all of these Palestinian terrorist groups either be disbanded or hunted into extinction BEFORE we even try to implement another one of these worthless peace plans?

Can we just state the plain, honest, truth — that either the Palestinian people can have a state or they can support a bunch of bloodthirsty terrorist who want to murder Israelis, but they can’t do both? That’s the reality of the situation and it doesn’t become any less relevant just because the Palestinians and the rest of the Middle-East doesn’t want to hear it.

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