Why The Democrats Can’t Come Up With An Agenda

Chuck Schumer is complaining that the Democratic Party can’t explain what they stand for to the American people.

“We don’t have 80 words” to sum up the Democratic agenda. We don’t have eight.”

Conservatives generally have no problem explaining what they want to do, although Republicans often fall short of their ideals once they get into office. The reason Democrats have problems doing the same thing is because they’re just not honest about what they believe. It’s actually pretty easy to explain the Democratic agenda:

Cut and run in Iraq, impeach Bush, raise taxes, amnesty for illegal aliens, create more government programs, and support gay marriage.

See? It wasn’t hard at all to sum up all the Democrats’ major priorities in just 21 words.

But since the Democrats continuously try to run on fake agendas they either don’t care about or don’t believe in, they’ve taken something that should be extremely simple for any politician to do and made it hard. The fix is to either run on their actual agenda — and lose in most of the country — or change the agenda to remain competitive.

But as long as they’re still fumbling around in public when they’re asked to take a stand, you’ll know they’re still being dishonest.

Update #1: After giving it a bit of thought, I decided to add amnesty for illegal aliens to the list since it’s an important part of their agenda at the moment.

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