Why There’s A Dearth Of A-List Female Bloggers

The whole “feminism in the blogosphere” meme is cropping up again as it does every few months. After gaining experience by wading hip deep into the gory fray over why there aren’t more successful women bloggers not once, not twice, but three times, I can now give a short, succinct explanation of why there aren’t more top women bloggers out there.

Women on the whole are less interested in politics than men, therefore less women create blogs, thus the female talent pool in the blogosphere is smaller than the male pool, which leads to the dearth of “A-List” female bloggers.

In other words, there aren’t as many really successful female bloggers because percentage wise, there aren’t as many women who are interested in doing political blogging. It’s just that simple…

*** Update #1***: Lori Byrd from Polipundit has done a post on this same subject and it sounds like she agrees with what I said about women — as a whole — being less interested in politics than men…

“I will say that just from personal experience, though, just in general, I don’t run into as many women who are interested in politics as I do men interested in politics. There are plenty of women on the cable news and talk radio shows talking about politics, and an ever growing number of female politicians, but in my life I just don’t run across as many women that are interested in politics. My experience is in North Carolina, and not in a political environment, so it may be completely unrepresentative of the population at large. It is just that – my personal experience.”

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