Why Wouldn’t Rudy And Mitt Want To Do The YouTube Debate?

Rudy Giuliani & Mitt Romney are now wavering on participating in the CNN/You Tube debate.

So, why are they scared to get up on the stage? Is Rudy afraid they’re going to ask him about his philandering, why so many New York firefighters hate him, or about his business relationship with Bernard Kerkik? Is Mitt scared they’re going to ask him about his magical Mormon underwear or if he ever stuck one of his kids on the roof with the dog?

Republicans made fun of Democrats — and rightfully so — for being afraid to answer questions from Fox. But, what does it say about Republicans if they’re scared to answer questions from CNN and the YouTube viewers?

Many Republicans said, “How can the Democrats stand up to Al-Qaeda if they can’t stand up to Fox?” Well, how can Rudy and Mitt stand up to Al-Qaeda if they’re scared of YouTube?

Eventually, whatever they’re scared of being asked is going to get out there anyway, so the party is better off getting it out now, in the primaries, than to have one of them, as the candidate, having to deal with it then.

I consult for the Duncan Hunter campaign.

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