Will Shrillary Rise From the Grave Next Week?

Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers don’t lie still and stay dead, why should Shrillary? WND quotes Washington Examiner political columnist Tony Campbell:

I talked to a Clinton delegate here in Maryland. He told me they have been instructed to vote for Hillary (for president) on the first ballot. To make things more interesting, there is a movement to swing 160 delegates from Obama to Clinton. If that happens, Clinton could re-establish her campaign and face John McCain in the fall.

The group P.U.M.A. (for Public Unity My A–) claims that 15 delegates have switched from Obama to Clinton in July. There is still the possibility of a floor convention vote to fully seat the delegations from Michigan and Florida — which would benefit Senator Clinton.

The question is: Will it be an easy nomination for Obama — or one of the grandest political ambushes ever pulled off … on the voting floor of the convention?

As unlikely as this scenario might sound, Shrillary admitting she’s been licked by a neophyte post turtle may be more unlikely still. Even Maureen Dowd has this much right:

It’s impossible to imagine The Terminator, as a former aide calls her, giving up. Unless every circuit is out, she’ll regenerate enough to claw her way out of the grave, crawl through the Rezko Memorial Lawn and up Obama’s wall, hurl her torso into the house and brutally haunt his dreams.

It may be that the full effects of Operation Chaos have yet to unfold.

Is Shrillary unkillable? Via Gawker.

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