Winners & Losers In The Election Of 2004

— Of course, Bush and the GOP were the obvious winners last night and Kerry and the Democrats were the obvious losers. Here are a few other winners and losers who come quickly to mind…


— Iraq and all of our allies in the Coalition. Electing Mr. “Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time” could have very well led to disaster over there.

— American soldiers who don’t have to worry about being dragged in front of an International Criminal Court with Bush in the White House.

Mark Steyn, who pledged to quit writing (at least for a time) if Bush lost.

— 93% of the right side of the blogosphere which correctly predicted that Bush would win again.

— Since Right Wing News had its best day of the entire year yesterday, I’m declaring us a winner too. Make sure to bookmark us!

— Wall Street, which is why the stock market is going up today.

National Review which was the hottest spot on the net Nov 2nd because of the inside scoops they got at the “The Kerry Spot” and “The Corner”.

— The Swift Boat Vets for Truth and the POWs who went after Kerry for his war record. They made a huge difference and I will tell you that in my opinion, if the Swifties had never formed, John Kerry would be our President today.

— Hillary Clinton who’s the favorite to get the Democratic nomination in 2008, but who would have had to wait until 2012 to fight veep John Edwards for the position had Kerry won.


— The terrorists who now have to face another four years of Bush and don’t get the breather that Kerry would have given them.

— The mainstream media that damaged their credibility with “memogate” and the phony “missing explosives story” all in an effort to help someone who lost.

— Terry McAuliffe who has now led the Dems to two disastrous defeats in 2002 and 2004.

— Iran and North Korea who were obviously hoping for lenient treatment & sweet deals from a Kerry administration just shot snake eyes.

— Old Europe which was looking forward to a neutered “Kerry America” just got four more years of a man they really don’t like.

— Advocates of gay marriage who saw it voted down everywhere it came up for vote.

— Bill Clinton who isn’t going to take Kofi Annan’s job as long as George Bush is in the White House.

— The people doing the exit polling. How did it bomb out so badly?

— Zogby, who went out of his way to tell everyone that Bush has no chance of winning this election and predicted a big victory for Kerry. That’s the 2nd election in a row that Zogby stunk it up worse than any other major pollster.

*** Update #1 ***: Michelle Malkin has her winners & losers list up here.

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