Wolf Blitzer In Blackface, Courtesy Of The Liberal Blog, Whiskey Bar

Liberals love to accuse conservatives of racism, but as a general rule, liberals tend to be some of the most racially insensitive people you’ll ever come across. They’ve thrown Oreos at Michael Steele, photoshopped Joe Lieberman in blackface, called black Republicans Uncle Toms and House Slaves, and they called Marvin Stewart, a black member of the Minutemen, a n*gger at Columbia University. Here’s the latest example of this sort of mentality from Billmon at Whiskey Bar. It’s a photoshopped pic of Wolf Blitzer in blackface:

You know what’s funny? The same liberals who say they can hear imaginary jungle drums in a Bob Corker commercials and who claim that having a playboy bunny say, “Call me,” to Harold Ford in a commercial is an obvious racial slur would undoubtedly see nothing racial or out of place about drawing Wolf Blitzer as a big lipped member of a minstrel show.

Whatever — let me just close with that statement you hear so often these days, “If a conservative did the exact same thing, the left would rip him apart for it.”

Hat tip to Blue Crab Boulevard for the story.

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