Women Required to Cover Up Sexy Outfits at Bill Clinton Fundraiser for Hill

At a fundraiser in the Upper West Side in Manhattan yesterday for his wife Hillary who is seeking the Democrat nomination for President in 2008, women were required to cover tight-fitting outfits with large, white T-shirts.

The fundraiser was a rare sort of one held at a SoulCycle spinning studio. 35 women and 5 men shelled out $2,300 (the maximum an individual can donate) each to Hillary’s presidential campaign to ride on a stationary exercise bike while Bill gave a half-hour speech and took questions.

Charla Krupp, who attended the event said, “People tend to wear sexy spandex outfits with midriffs showing,” Ms. Krupp said. “But in deference to the president, we wore these shirts that said, ‘Exercise Your Vote.”

Amanda B. Carpenter is Assistant Editor/Congressional Correspondent at Human Events and author of the Vast-Right Wing Conspiracy’s Dossier on Hillary Clinton. Read the rest of her articles here.

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