World Magazine Blog On Miers

The folks over at World Magazine Blog apparently know a few people who are close to Harriet Miers and have some choice quotes about her — some of them good, some them bad.

Most of the quotes come from Nathan Hecht, a Texas Supreme Court justice, who has gone out with Miers before and is also a long time friend.

From Hecht on abortion: “her personal views are consistent with that of evangelical Christians… You can tell a lot about her from her decade of service in a conservative church.”

Hecht says about Miers’ judicial philosophy: “She’s an originalist — that’s the way she takes the Bible,” and that’s her approach to the Constitution as well — “Originalist — it means what it says.”

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“Look at her commitment in taking care of her [now 93-year-old mother] all these years. Look at her tax returns. She tithes, gave a full tithe to the church. Helps out in missions, Bible translation. These are the kinds of values she shows.” Hecht and Miers “went to two or three prolife dinners in the late 80s or early 90s.”

Hecht says, “She was a Democrat years and years ago, in the early 80s.” As far as the late 80s contributions, “If she did it, it was because the [law] firm made her do it.”

Now, here are a couple of quotes from “a lawyer who is a conservative Christian and worked with Harriet Miers in Texas”:

“I never heard her take a position on anything… We’ll have another Sandra Day O’Connor…”

“This president can be bamboozled by anyone he feels close to. If a person fawns on him enough, is loyal, works 25 hours a day and says you’re the smartest man I ever met, all of a sudden you’re right for the Supreme Court.”

Most of the info from Hecht is better than nothing, but as we learned with David Souter, kind words don’t necessarily mean that much. Here are some quotes from an Ann Coulter column that describe some of the things that were being said about Souter when he was nominated:

“When you look at the man’s record, his experience, his integrity and his ability to deal with tough questions of law in a way that the courts should, in a restrained way, not to attempt to legislate from the bench, I think he’s a man in tune with the times.” — Dick Thornburgh

“Virtually every conservative who knows him trusts him and thinks he’s a competent guy.” — Newt Gingrich

“(He) has voiced opposition to many forms of abortion. He dislikes affirmative-action programs, contending that they amount to reverse discrimination. Also, he has vigorously defended … the Lord’s Prayer in its public schools.” — Los Angeles Times

Sounds great — except that Souter turned out to be a liberal — and I don’t even think he used to be a Democrat who gave money to Al Gore.

Furthermore, let me add that the very fact that George Bush picked the least qualified person being considered for the job — by far — based on the fact that he knew her and she was nice to him, doesn’t give conservatives much reason to trust his judgement. Obviously he’s lacking in that department and so all we can do at this point is cross our fingers and hope her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Hecht, is right. That’s not much to hang a Supreme Court appointment on, but it’s just about all we’ve got at the moment.

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