Yellow Times Pro-Terrorism?: After I

Yellow Times Pro-Terrorism?: After I wrote my last editorial “There Isn’t Going To Be A Happy Ending In The Middle East”, I received an email from someone at the Yellow Times. He never identified himself and I never asked for his name but his email address was [email protected] Since they’ve sent me promotional emails from the same address before, I have no reason to think it’s anyone other than someone from the Yellow Times.

Anyway, the writer agreed with my analysis in the article but said that the situation could be resolved peacefully if the US were willing to take a “real, serious role in achieving this peace.” The letter was polite and well written so I sent a semi-lengthy reply explaining why I thought that wouldn’t happen. The writer replied and I replied again. Today, I received another email from the Yellow Times that finished up with this paragraph…

“Is it indeed terrible if the Palestinians reach their goal through terrorism? These goals have been sanctioned and approved by countless UN and UNSC resolutions. The Palestinians are using armed struggle to enforce security council resolutions. It would be better if the international community headed by the U.S. enforced these resolutions itself. But those who don’t like the Palestinian methods have to blame the U.S. for blocking all other ways to enforce international law.”

So let me get this straight…the Yellow Times thinks it’s OK to deliberately blow up women and children in pizzerias, at bus stops, and at discos because the UN says it’s OK? If you’ve never understood how ordinary Germans could be convinced to herd Jews into the ovens during WW2, this should give you some insight into it. The Treaty of Versailles just wasn’t fair and Hitler said it was OK to gas the Jews so that made it fine. You know, I wonder if someone with this sort of sick mind would sanction Sept. 11th? I mean we can now be pretty sure he’d think 9/11 was fine and dandy if the US was in violation of some UN resolution that Osama Bin Laden wanted enforced right? These guys are just warped…

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