Yes, There Is An Entire Website Out There Dedicated To Attacking Trig Palin

Make no mistake about it; the Left’s attacks on Sarah Palin’s family are meant to be a Mafia style message to other conservative women — you cross us and we’ll come after your children.

If you want to see how far they’ll go, witness this entry from an anonymous blog dedicated to attacking Trig Palin (I’ll leave it to the netroots to actually link the blog because I’m not going to do it). Yes, that’s right; some liberal out there has actually created an entire blog dedicated to mocking a baby with Down’s Syndrome.

To give you an idea of what the content is like, here’s a screenshot of one of the posts,

Attacks on Sarah Palin’s parenting and children are being seen on a daily basis in the mainstream media and on the left side of the blogosphere — and quite frankly, most liberals seem to be A-OK with it. At some point, maybe the liberals with a conscience — and there are a few here and there — should step up and say something to their political allies.

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