Yesterday Was My Last Day With The Duncan Hunter Campaign

If you’re wondering why I had guest bloggers for the last couple of days, it was because my time with the Duncan Hunter campaign was winding down and I wanted to take a little extra time to get the loose ends sewed up before I left.

Also, it’s worth noting that it was a friendly, planned exit. In fact, I put in my notice roughly 30 days ago. As to why, well you have to understand: when I started, I only intended to work for 90 days. However, before it was over, I ended up working with the campaign as a blog consultant for six months.

During that time, the Duncan Hunter campaign did more to reach out to bloggers than any other candidate.

We did 3 blogger teleconferences, put together a video aimed at conservatives on the net, and we did a considerable number of guest blogs, columns, and interviews (There are actually still a few in the works that were set up before I left)

Guest Blogs/Columns

On Duncan Hunter’s candidacy at Blogs for Bush.

On the surge at Captain’s Quarters.

On Compean and Ramos at Human Events.

On obstructionist Democrats at Human Events.

On the fence at Human Events.

On Israel at Little Green Footballs.

On Compean and Ramos at Polipundit.

On fiscal conservatism at Porkbusters.

On the Fairness Doctrine at the Power Line Candidate Forum.

On the Senate immigration bill at Redstate.


A Keyboard and a .45
Atlas Shrugs
Captain’s Quarters Part 1
Captain’s Quarters Part 2
Family Security Matters
Glenn and Helen Show
Hot Air
Hugh Hewitt
Hugh Hewitt #2
Pundit Review
Right Wing News

Additionally, I had an opportunity to set up our YouTube page, MySpace page, & our final Facebook page, along with helping out on the website — among other duties.

It was a great experience, I enjoyed it a lot, and now, more than ever, I am convinced that Duncan Hunter would be the best candidate that the GOP could run in 2008. Not only is he the most conservative candidate and the man whose views match up the best with the base, I believe that he would be the most electable candidate that we could run.

Still, I’m a blogger who consults on the side, not a consultant who blogs on the side, and so, with it getting later in the campaign season, I felt like I needed to go ahead and leave the campaign so that I could talk about the 2008 race in the homestretch without people having to wonder if I could speak honestly with my boss in the running.

PS: Speaking of that, in the future, I will mention that I used to consult for Duncan Hunter when I write about him, but I will no longer mention the consulting gig at the end of my posts in other circumstances (although I will add something to the FAQ about it).

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