You Can Only Insult Your

You Can Only Insult Your Base So Many Times: I think the Bush administration has been making a big mistake by kicking it’s Conservative base in the butt time and time again. The bloated “voucherless” education bill, the embrace of illegal aliens, those repulsive steel and lumber tariffs, the runaway spending, the hideous campaign finance bill Bush signed, and the waffling on the conflict in the Middle East all have rankled Conservative sensibilities including mine. It’s as if the Bush administration is using the planet sized store of political capital they’ve built up to keep Conservatives in line while they panders to the left instead of trying to further the Conservative agenda they claim to support. Honestly, if Republicans wanted someone with that mentality John McCain would of been the Republican candidate instead of W.

Now I know the rational for what GWB is doing. He’s trying to pull in more voters while assuming that the Conservative block of the party will vote for him anyway. That may be a tragic miscalculation. Why? Because it’s the Conservative base that fills up the campaign coffers, works the phone banks, puts signs in their yards, and tells everyone who listens how much they admire the president. For GWB, making these people angry is like pouring sugar in the gas tank of the Republican party engine. Furthermore, what happens when it’s time for Conservatives to go to the polls? Oh they probably won’t vote a Democrat but will they blow their vote on “Joe the Libertarian” who they know is only going to pull 2% of the vote? Will they even go to the polls at all or will they just sleep in?

W should consider how much he’s alienating his base very carefully because there is a lot of anger and disappointment out there right now. He will continue to ignore that fury at his own peril.

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