You Can’t Make Us Accept That Iraq Has WMD!

You Can’t Make Us Accept That Iraq Has WMD!: The lengths to which some people are going to deny that Iraq has WMD simply boggles the mind.

To begin with, I cannot imagine how anyone who has spent more than five minutes studying the situation in Iraq could possible believe Saddam doesn’t have WMD. Come on, does anyone think that after the inspectors left in 1998, Saddam secretly destroyed his WMD and then deliberately lost tens of billions of dollars worth of oil revenue rather than admit it? Why would Iraq still be holding on to rockets with chemical warheads unless they had chemicals to put in them? Furthermore, why would Iraq refuse let their scientists and their families leave the country for interviews if they don’t have any WMD? Even Hans “global warming scares me, but war doesn’t” Blix said the Iraqis didn’t fully cooperate with inspections.Then since the war started, we’ve had report after report of chemical suits & shots being found, threats to use chemical weapons against the Kurds, orders supposedly given by the regime to use the weapons, etc.

Yet & still, there are people who just refuse to buy into the idea. In fact, some of them are going so far as to claim that the US is going to fake finding WMD because of course, there are none to find. Here are few comments from The Guardian’s Forums along those lines…

Sydneysider: Let’s face it, if the world subsequently discovers that Iraq didn’t have any weapons of mass destruction, Bush’s war will be exposed as a gigantic, murderous hoax. What are the odds, then, that the US will plant evidence to “prove” that Saddam had WMD? Does it have an alternative.

Pistonbroke: “(T)he sanctions and inspections were a softening up process before the invasion which was probably planned 5-6 years ago.

There will be no chemical factories found,even if Hussein had them they would have been destroyed weeks ago.

If things go true to form the Americans will ask the British to “discover” one,knowing full well nobody will believe the yanks.”

Popular, left-wing, ultra-kook, Bartcop had this to say about the chemical plant at Najaf…

U.S. Finds Nothing at Iraqi Chemical Plant — So why didn’t the CIA phoney it up? Were reporters watching?”

Of course, The Democratic Underground has people who buy into this…

thermodynamic: Then the rest of the world will turn on us. If they do find WMDs (or successfully plant them), we will then be looked at favorably. Don’t the ends justify the means

Veritaph: If he doesn’t have them now…he will when we are finished planting them.

BiggJawn: They will be found, Dave. The Bush Empire has too damn much invested in this for WMD not to be found. At this very moment, the much awaited WMD are on their way to Iraq, being lovingly tended by CIA operatives…

And on and on it goes. Heck, even the Russian gov’t is getting in on the action…

“Russia on Wednesday expressed concern that Washington could fabricate evidence of Iraq allegedly hiding its weapons of mass destruction in an effort to justify the US-led attack on Baghdad.

Speaking before the Federation Council (Russian Upper House) on Wednesday Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov cautioned Washington and London that Moscow is not going to trust their claims of finding evidence of WMD in Iraq.

…Iraqi Ambassador to Russia in an interview to the same channel, did not rule out the use of chemical or other weapons of mass destruction by the US-led coalition forces to later pin the blame on Baghdad.”

I can understand why the Russian gov’t is tossing out this line of BS — they probably sold Saddam some of his WMD or the equipment he used to produce them even after UN sanctions were in place. If that came out, it would be humiliating for the Russians (& the UN) given that they’re a permanent member of the UN Security Council. On a side note, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that France and Germany are up to their eyeballs in this same sort of thing as Rush Limbaugh and Steven Den Beste have been speculating for months.

Now we’ve talked about the Russians, but what about these other people? Are they simply so eaten up with hate for George Bush that they wouldn’t be able to accept that he was right and they were wrong? I mean when (not if) we find large caches of WMD, that’s going to be very embarrassing for a lot of people who have spent the last year saying there was “no proof” that Saddam had them. And what about all the people who said “inspections can work”? They’re going to look foolish as well when we find WMD all over Iraq while the inspectors found nothing.

But, rather than admit that they’re wrong, these people are already serving notice that they’d rather retreat into a decisional fantasy world where George Bush is another Hitler who is going to plant evidence just so he’ll have an excuse to get his hands on that Iraqi oil (that we are already buy from them) & so we can blow away the Iraqi people (who really don’t want to be free of Saddam Hussein no matter what those Conservatives say).

I know these crazy lefties won’t listen to people like me because they think I’m a CIA operative, a fascist, &/or a lizard/human hybrid, but they’ll listen to you other lefties out there. Try to bring them back to reality before they get too far gone — it’s the humane thing to do.

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