You Have 15 Minutes To Leave Your House And Never Return: What Do You Take?

Ambra from Nykola had an interesting questions that’s probably particularly relevant for those of us who live in areas that are vulnerable to hurricanes:

“So you have to leave your house. The situation is pretty serious and you’re not quite sure the house will be there when you return. Let’s just say hypothetically, you have about 15 minutes to decide what to take. You may be leaving on foot, loading up your car or even hopping on a plane. Either way,

What must absolutely come with you?”

I set a timer and gave myself 3 minutes to create a list. Here’s what I came up with (assuming I’m leaving in a car):

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A List

Box with all my important papers in it
Tower for my computer
My photo album
Wallet, keys


Clean clothes and toiletries that I could stuff in a trash bag
Digital camera
2 Tape recorders
2 or 3 of Patton’s fave toys
2 books to read

Some things I thought about taking, but just wouldn’t have time or room to cram them in my car. For example, I’d love to take my bed and 36 inch TV, but there just wouldn’t be time and room. My TiVo, VCR, computer speakers & monitor? I probably wouldn’t have time to unhook them and get them packed. I probably wouldn’t have had a chance to get them packed.

Here’s an interesting follow-up question: how much money would you have to be paid to sell all the furnishings in your home? Assume that you can keep photo albums, pets, clothes on your back, birth certificates, keys, wallets, etc and other key documents. Other than that, picture everything you own being stripped bare. What would be the absolute minimum you’d do that for?

I think I’d do it for $15k and for $17.5k, I’d throw in the photo album =D. Then, you give me 6 months of estate sales, Ebay, trips to the Salvation army, and post-Christmas shopping and I think I’d come out way ahead.

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