You Won’t Believe This, But There Are Actually Anti-War Celebrities Out There

You Won’t Believe This, But There Are Actually Anti-War Celebrities Out There: Two more celebrities have very publicly jumped on the anti-war bandwagon. First up it’s, “Tootsie” himself, Dustin Hoffman

“Hoffman accused the Bush administration of “manipulating the grief of the country” after the events of September 11.

“…I don’t think, like many of us, that the reasons we have been given for going to war are the honest reasons.

“If they are saying it’s about the fact they have biological weapons and might have nuclear weapons and that gives us the liberty to pre-empt and strike because we think they might hit us, then what prevents Pakistan from attacking India, what prevents India from attacking Pakistan, what prevents us from going into North Korea?

“I believe – though I may wrong because I am no expert – that this war is about what most wars are about: hegemony, money, power and oil.”

First off, Hoffman made these statements in Britain….why do so many of these stars complain about Bush, the war, and the US while they’re in Britain? Maybe it’s something in the water — that might help explain Robert Fisk and the Guardian as well.

Also, I can just imagine Hoffman back in WW2 going, “I’m against the war because Roosevelt is manipulating the grief of the country over Pearl Harbor.” On top of that, Hoffman acts like our pre-emptive attacks are setting some sort of new world-wide precedent. Look, there have been wars since the beginning of time, and in every case somebody had to strike first. Moreover, it’s especially amusing to hear Hoffman implying that India and Pakistan might decide to attack each other if we invade Iraq pre-emptively. Does Hoffman realize that would be war #4 for them since 1948? They don’t need us to teach them how to kill each other.

That’s enough of Hoffman, let’s go on to Shakira’s comments….

“I think that we see war as a virtual thing and we even get to believe that bombs fall on top of cardboard cutouts and stuff like that. They don’t. They kill real people, real children, real mothers and millions of innocent people. I come from Columbia, which is a country that has been under the whip of violence for more than four decades, so I’ve seen the consequences of war and I’ve seen the psychological damage that it does in a society. And I think that we’re never ready for war.”

“I just feel that there are always pacifist solutions, and I think that the leaders know the exit to the conflict, it’s just that sometimes they don’t want to use them. They just want to continue playing their little game of power. And I feel that us people have the responsibility and also the obligation to demand to our leaders to give us the pacifist solutions. To give us a world in peace.”

That notion, Shakira said, is addressed in another part of her concert, when the screens project one of her favorite quotes, from Jimi Hendrix: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

“I might be sounding like an old fashioned hippie, but I believe in pacifist revolutions and I think that we have to look for those solutions, otherwise there’s no way to survive in this world. In the First World War, 13 million people were killed. In the Second World War, 40 million people were killed. I think that if a third war takes place, nothing is going to be left on the face of earth.”

This is just such brainless pap, that it’s hard to even formulate a response to it. It’s like talking about space exploration with someone who believes the moon is made out of green cheese. I mean what do you say someone who thinks they’re enlightening people by telling them that real people die in wars, not “cardboard cutouts and stuff like that?”

Furthermore, it’s all well and good for people like Shakira to get on their high horses and mouth empty platitudes about “pacifist revolutions,” but that doesn’t stop people from flying planes into our buildings or sneaking nuclear weapons into our cities. In fact, people like Shakira are only ALIVE because they’re surrounded by people who don’t share their beliefs. Let me give you an example of what I mean. What if Shakira were to put out the word that she’s no longer going to have bodyguards or security at her concerts since they might use violence to protect her? If she did that, how long do you think it would be before we read about her being found face down in a gully somewhere after one of her crazy fans decided to kidnap her? Exactly…

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