You’ll Need A Permit To Sit In The Woods

If you thought the enviro-loonies and red tape slinging lefties at the EPA were bad, just wait until you get a load of their ideological soulmates in Britain

“Edward James, 51, from Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, bought the half-acre wood overlooking the Crouch estuary near Hockley so that he and a few friends could sit cross-legged and meditate among the trees for about half an hour at a time. However, an objection was lodged with the council. The Essex Wildlife Trust objected because it feared trees were being damaged, including the removal of “old and long-established ivy”. A local resident expressed concern because several vehicles were turning up at the site with would-be meditators.

“The whole thing has got ridiculously out of hand,” said Mr James, who retired recently after a career working backstage in theatres.

“I was told I would need planning permission because it was a change of use from woodland to meditational woodland. I had to fill in the same forms that you would need to build a skyscraper.”

His application for a change of use will be considered by Rochford district council planning committee tonight. Council officers have recommended that it be approved.

Ah, the joy of having to “fill in the same forms that you would need to build a skyscraper” and get PERMISSION from a government council just so you can sit around in the trees with a few of your friends. As ridiculous as that is, James is lucky that he’s not in the US or he’d probably have to fight a two year long court battle with the The Essex Wildlife Trust on top of that. Why can’t these government toadies and green busybodies just leave people alone?

Thanks to the The Daily Ablution for pointing this one out.

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