Young, Black, & Conservative

It must be fun for liberals to watch all the bloody infighting that’s happening on the right these days. But, enjoy it while you can, fellas, because the future belongs to conservatism. Read these numbers and despair, you liberals!

“A national analysis of shifts in the black community shows that the move away from the Democratic Party and towards political independence is strongest among young African-American voters. According to a paper titled “The Political Orientations of Young African Americans” by David A. Bositis published in the journal Soul, this year, underwritten by the Institute for Research in African American Studies at Columbia University, one quarter of African American voters under the age of 35 now identify as political independents, in contrast to 10% of senior citizens.

The growing trend is broad as well as deep – in 1998 only 5% of African-American voters between the age of 51 and 64 identified as independents, but by 2002 that number increased fourfold to 21%. This analysis shows that 25% of young black voters are self-described conservatives, while 31% are moderates. On education policy, 66% support school vouchers for public, private or parochial school – a major point of policy difference between the Republican and Democratic Party – while nearly 80% favor partial privatization of Social Security. This is in sharp contrast to African-American elected officials in particular, of whom 70% over the age of 40 oppose school vouchers.”

Granted the GOP isn’t reeling all these black conservatives and moderates into the Party…yet. But, eventually, it will happen. The Democrats can only keep tricking people with their “Republicans hate black people” propaganda for so long. As the GOP continues to reach out to black churches and as more black conservatives become prominent on the right, it’ll become harder and harder to keep up the lies.

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It may not happen in the next Presidential election or even in the one after that, but eventually the day is going to come when a Republican President will be pulling 25%-35% of the black vote, instead of 8%-12%. When that day comes, today’s Democratic Party will have to move significantly to the right on a number of issues to avoid fading into irrelevance.

Conservatives may lose some battles before that day comes, but we will win the ideological war and pull the country to the right.

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