You’ve Got To Be Kidding

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me: Is this supposed to be some sort of self-parody?

“French President Jacques Chirac on Monday lashed out at what he termed an “anti-French campaign” aimed at portraying his country as anti-Semitic, which he said is being waged by American Jewish groups under orders from Jerusalem.”

Yes, it’s all a plot by the all powerful “Jewish groups under orders” from Israel. I’m surprised he didn’t mention the ZOG, Jewish lobby, or Mossad spies. As if that wasn’t enough, Chirac went on the sing the praises of Hezbollah…

“During their meeting, Chirac rejected Israel’s request that France add Hezbollah to the European Union’s list of terrorist organizations, arguing that the group has a socio-political wing that fulfills important social functions in Lebanon. Furthermore, he said, a denunciation of the organization might actually harm Israel, as it would strengthen Hezbollah at the expense of the government in Beirut.”

Using that brilliant logic I guess Chirac wouldn’t consider al-Queda to be a terrorist group if they opened up a few soup kitchens across the Middle East. Want to know why the US has to act unilaterally so often folks? It’s because our “allies” (and I use that word loosely) are for the most part led by clowns like Chirac. If we constantly found ourselves in agreement with people with this sort of mentality it would mean that something was terribly wrong.

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