Zero Happening At Ground Zero–UPDATED

What’s happening in New York City this balmy summer day? The city bustles but there is little building going on ground zero. Prices are sky-rocketing. Government officials are wrangling (imagine that):

In a report to New York governor David Paterson, Mr Ward said: “The schedule and cost estimates of the rebuilding effort that have been communicated to the public are not realistic.”

He said developers and government agencies would set new “clear and achievable timelines” by the end of September.

Mr Ward said the earliest rebuilding estimates in the wake of the 9/11 attacks were not truthful, referring to them as “emotional dates”.

My initial response to the Twin Towers going down was that we should rebuild as quickly as possible. Get it done and show the world what America is made of tough stuff. Nothing keeps us down and all that.

Given that the Left operates like 9/11 didn’t happen and ignores the consequences of unchecked Islamofascism and feels the threat is exaggerated (see here, here, or just watch CNN) a huge dirt hole seems to be an appropriate reminder. Put up 2,000+ markers where the people died and be done with it. Let every person look and ponder what happens when bad ideologies triumph (at least temporarily).

As an added bonus, there should be flat screens replaying the Towers going down with video of our soldiers hunting and killing terrorist scum. It’s “raw”, I know, but there’s a simple elegance to my plan don’t you think? As an added bonus: It’s cost effective.


Rachel Lucas reminds us why we need constant reminders of the consequences of Islamofascism:

Dear Britain: the more you apologize for stupid shit like this, the more you will be apologizing in the future for ever more innocuous “offenses.” You will never be done with it, you will never be able to satisfy these people until you utterly BEND TO THEIR WILL, and you will apologize yourselves right into cultural oblivion as Islam slowly but very, very surely mows you down with its “outrage” and your proclivity to be doormats. Very impressive. Your dead and dying grandfathers and grandmothers, who stood up to the last set of fascist assholes when most of your neighbors didn’t – they must be so proud.

Dirt. Pit. We need the reminders.

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