Zombie Covers San Francisco’s “Beach Impeach” Protest

No mainstream media outlet does a better job of covering protests than Zombie from Zombietime and since he’s based out of San Francisco, he has plenty of them to cover. His latest photospread was on the “Beach Impeach” event which occurred in San Fran on January 6, 2007.

Apparently, the point of the whole thing was to have people get together to spell out “impeachment” in big letters on the beach. What’s the point of that? I’m not sure exactly. Maybe they’re hoping space aliens will see the letters and threaten to hit Crawford, Texas with death rays unless Bush steps down. Who knows?

Anyway, here’s the sign announcing the big shindig:

A message to the world, huh? What message is this guy sending? And exactly what is that thing on his head?

Then there are these guys. Like many of the people who attended the event (no, really), they were wearing tinfoil on their heads, presumably to keep any Bushbot satellites up in space from finding their addresses from their thoughts and then transmitting that info to the FBI, who would then round them up and send them over to a Haliburton run “freedom camp” for dissenters.

Last but not least, here’s the highlight of the event:

People always wonder why liberals do so many protests and conservatives don’t bother. Well, let me tell you, you go try to convince a conservative to put tinfoil on his head, go down to the beach, and be part of a group of people spelling out something like, “Kennedy’s Drunk,” and he’ll look at you like you need to be sent away to an asylum. On the other hand, liberals hear basically the same spiel and they think, “That’s the greatest idea since Al Gore invented the lightbulb!” It’s just one of the many fundamental differences between conservatives and liberals.

Make sure to check out all the pics (There are plenty of good ones left) from the protest over at Zombietime.

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