How Barack Obama is destroying the American economy in two nauseating charts

You don’t need to be a math major to understand these devastating charts (slightly modified from the originals to depict the beginning of the “one-time, emergency Stimulus”):

…next time Obama or his allies in the press go back to the well and recite the well-worn verse that spending is all the other guy’s fault, take a look at the facts…

President Obama has steered a fiscal course that will lead to more spending and deeper deficits and ultimately to vastly higher taxes…

…If you want to know the real cause of our deficits today, the answer lies primarily with Obama. If you want to know the real cause of our deficits in the near future, the answer lies in entitlement spending, which Obamacare increases.

That John Boehner, who was put into power by the same Tea Party conservatives he condemns, could ignore the so-called “emergency Stimulus” package — and leave it in all subsequent baseline budgets — is a freaking moral outrage!

Fight! Why won’t they fight? Because: (a) they’re cowards; or (b) they like big government. Either answer is un-freaking-acceptable. Has Barack Obama given an inch in his battle to Cloward-Piven-ize America? No! Did Stretch Pelosi? No! Did Harry “Chuck Schumer writes my speeches” Reid? Hell, no!

Boehner had two nuclear weapons at his disposal. And he chose to use neither. He had the debt ceiling and a threat of a downgrade by the rating agencies.

Cut, Cap & Balance addressed both issues.

If Republicans had united behind CCB, they could have forced a vote in the Senate — by putting massive pressure on the 20 Democrats who had earlier pledged to support a Balanced Budget Amendment — and send it to the President’s desk.

Boehner could then tell the American people: there’s only one plan that addresses the deficit and prevents a downgrade.

And let Obama deal with the fallout of a veto — if he has the guts.

Instead, we submit a plan that still results in downgrade and default.

Idiocy. Sheer, unmitigated idiocy.

We need to elect a boatload more conservatives in 2012, politically eradicate the RINOs, and jam true conservatives into leadership positions.

Because all of these pantywaists — put together — don’t have the cojones of Michele Bachmann.

They’re wimps who are selling out the American people — just a tad bit slower than the Marxist, Democrat Left. We’re headed for fiscal apocalypse and these feckless RINOs won’t even put up a fight.


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