15 Random 140 Character Thoughts

* Am I supposed to care about Alan Grayson and get all upset about what he’s saying? Because honestly, I really don’t.

* Just to note: Very, very, very few women actually qualify as “low maintenance”.

* If dogs have the brains of a 2 year old child, cats have the brains of a 2 month old.

* People wonder why Barack Obama thinks all he has to do to lead is give speeches. He just got a Nobel Prize for it.

* Say what you like about George Bush, but he would have won in Afghanistan. Will we be able to say the same of Obama?

* I wish Chicago had gotten the Olympics. I also wish Barack Obama didn’t think hope & a good speech would fix anything.

* We have gotten to the point where there are TOO MANY congressional conference calls. They need to cut back and coordinate

* At the end of the day, it’s the misguided people with HI IQs, not the stupid people, who create huge disasters.

* One of the things I hate most about conspiracy theories is how much time and energy better spent elsewhere they use up.

* I don’t get people who, out of the blue, just start sending me like 15 emails a day, each about a dif news item.

* I’m not too tough on a politician for not voting. I’d like to see more pols who weren’t politics obsessive before running

* Newspapers should’t get any bailouts or tax breaks, but if they do, every radio host & blogger should get the same treatment

* I trust politicians more if at some point in their life, they’ve had to say, “Would you like fries w/ that?”

* Worst vacant reply of the year from me: Welcome to Food Lion! “You, too!”

* Claiming the bailouts/TARP averted a massive financial crisis is like a shaman claiming his prayers made an eclipse end

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