18 Random 140 Character Thoughts

* At the end of the day, it’s the misguided people with HI IQs, not the stupid people, who create huge disasters.

* They say conservatives are woman-haters and libs progressive, but it’s the liberals who excuse Polanski for rape.

* One of the things I hate most about conspiracy theories is how much time and energy better spent elsewhere they use up.

* All the libs who believe the GOP has shriveled down to nothing are going to be in for a rude surprise in 2010.

* I’d prefer that we stop Iran from getting nukes diplomatically. But, we should stop them by any means necessary.

* Newspapers should’t get any bailouts or tax breaks, but if they do, every radio host & blogger should get the same treatment.

* I trust politicians more if at some point in their life, they’ve had to say, “Would you like fries w/ that?”

* Worst vacant reply of the year from me: Welcome to Food Lion! “You, too!”

* Republican pols don’t need to be in the business of “denouncing” other Republicans. Just tell people your position.

* If John McCain had been elected, conservatives would be so depressed by now you could kayak coast-to-coast on our tears

* I wonder how much of the MSM’s servile coverage of Obama is due to libs being afraid to criticize a liberal black man?

* Libs want birth control, abortion, and to deny DDT to keep the # of poor people down in 3rd world nations. Racist?

* Obama celebrates the invasion of Poland by cutting off missile defense to them? He makes Chamberlain look like Churchill

* With Zelaya back in Brazil and all this confusion, it would be a great time for him to “accidentally” get killed.

* Obama’s trying to engineer a Soviet style coup in Honduras where we replace democracy w/ a hostile socialist dictator.

* Obama’s not from Kenya, the anti-Christ, or Hitler. He is, however, a liar, a socialist, a weakling, and a fool.

* The economy was going to eventually improve no matter what Obama did. I think he’s slowed down the economy /w his actions

* The best moment of Obama’s presidency so far was calling Kanye West a jackass and he didn’t even say it on the record.

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