23 Random 140 Character Thoughts

* Why the MSM is deservedly dying in this country: CBS Headlines like, “Faisal Shahzad’s Motive Shrouded in Mystery.”

* As a general rule in politics, the least racist people are regularly accused of being racists by actual racists.

* IMO, the Godhatesf@gs nuts have no 1st Amendment right to protest a funeral for the same reason you can’t protest at someone’s house at 3 AM

* I want to see liberalism as reviled as Nazism, its heroes trampled in the dust, & its former supporters shamed as fools.

* If you took the moral component out of the Ten Commandments, it would still all be good practical advice.

* 9 times out of 10, “That’s racist” has come to mean little more than “I have no answer for your argument.”

* Only the KKK & Nazi parties work harder to promote hatred between races in America than liberals do.

* Words that remind me of Obama: Weakness, incompetence, arrogance, socialism, & dishonesty. Oh, and golf.

* By blocking Israel from attacking, Obama is helping Iran in its effort to get nukes.

* Isn’t it true that black Americans did better under George Bush than Barack Obama? #Truthsliberalshate

* Franklin Graham offends Muslims. Not welcome at the Pentagon. Nidal Hasan says he wants to murder Christians. Promotion.

* So, if the Dems are tough on Wall Street, how come Obama has given out more tax $ to corp. than any POTUS in history?

* Americans owe their allegiance to other Americans, not to people of the same skin color from other nations.

* I do think families should come first when we craft immigration policy. AMERICAN families.

* The most over rated movie in history is Titanic with Avatar and Twilight coming in just behind. Discuss!

* Some really good personal advice from Anthony Robbins: Question actions, but not motivations.

* Obama’s immigration policy: Not only will we not enforce the law, we will go after states that try to enforce the law.

* Illegal immigrants aren’t Americans & they’re not wanted here. We owe them nothing & they should get out of our country.

* When the Dems policies are systematically destroying the country, all they can do is cry “racism” and hope no one notices

* The Enquirer claims Obama’s having an affair? Please! The last time they covered a story like this was…oh wait!

* Obama, Obama, Mr. change maker, spent the night w/ Vera Baker, Michelle’s mad, Enquirer’s glad, now he’s like Tiger, Edwards, & Jim Baker

* Ever notice Dems favor policies that keep minorites poor, marginalized, & dependent under the guise of helping them?

* Liberalism is an enemy of capitalism, Christianity, and Western civilization.

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