25 Random 140 Character Thoughts

* Electing the first black man as POTUS? A great moment? Yes. That man’s actual performance as President? One of America’s worst moments.

* Barack Obama reminds me of Lenin. I wonder how many liberals secretly take that as a compliment.

* One thing I admire about Hogwarts: They really stretch and challenge the kids to the max in a competitive environment

* Harry and company are getting a lil old for these movies. Next film: Harry Potter and The Secret Frat Party of Doom!

* Why I almost never channel surf: I looked up and realized a Bosley hair replacement infomercial had been on for 10 min.

* I have just watched 5 minutes of “Jersey Shore”. Coincidentally, I am now a supporter of nuking New Jersey.

* Beginning to…to actually like Lady Gaga’s music. Must…fight…it!

* McConnell’s effectiveness as Senate Minority Leader should be judged on whether he stops health care & cap & trade. So far, he’s a failure

* Accusing the GOP of using “obstructionism” to stop a bill the public despises is a feature, not a bug.

* I don’t agree with GOProud on gay marriage or gays in the military but they’re a real gay conservative group. I support having them at CPAC

* Anyone who says Obamacare will reduce the deficit is alarmingly stupid or shockingly dishonest. Take your pick.

* John Cornyn should be fired at the NRSC & then should start firing their way down until they get to the janitors. Reboot!

* The Obama Doctrine: Do the most liberal policy you can get away w/ while takin that position & the reverse simultaneously

* If conservatives can’t firmly control the GOP, what makes anyone think we could create & control an effective new party?

* Claiming Climategate is about the hacked emails is like claiming Watergate was about Woodward & Bernstein’s reporting.

* Don’t complain to me that you have it tough in blogging because you’re a woman. Women have it much easier than men.

* People complain conservative blogs don’t do journalism. Well, it takes money to do it consistently. We don’t have it.

* If you want something in your life, you’ve got to be willing to ask for it and mean it.

* Life’s too short to allow poisonous people to be a part of your existence.

* Everyone’s a hypocrite to some degree. Since that’s true, better to at least stand for something worth measuring up to.

* Sometimes there’s no way past other than through

* The phrase “I’d hit that like Tiger Woods” has an entirely new meaning today than it did a few weeks ago.

* Things learned while walking my dog: Patton really doesn’t like 9 ft tall blow up Santas that sway w/ the wind

* Funny group on Facebook: “Team Jacob? Team Edward? How about Team Shut the **** up.” 371,054 members

* Why capitalism rules: Terminator Salvation cost? 200 mil. Gross? 371 mil. My cost to rent thru Redbox? $1.08.

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