25 Random 140 Character Thoughts

* Paul Krugman sure is critical of our President. What do you think? Could it be because he hates black people?

* I’m not a fan of Pat Robertson, but he’s responsible for millions in aid for Haiti. His deeds speak louder than his words

* Liberals want to debate whether it’s rude of not for conservatives to point out that Obama’s lying instead of his lies.

* I plan on throwing Obama’s “Well, I do not accept 2nd place for the United States of America” back in his face many times.

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* Even if Brown were a “Charlie Crist” Republican, Florida ain’t a “Scott Brown state.” Maybe Crist should run in Maine.

* Oh boy! A “blue ribbon panel!” They never fail!

* Thank God for gridlock. It’s the only thing that saves us from these morons.

* If Obama says, “Let me be clear,” a lie follows about 9 times out of 10. It’s a tell.

* Pence would have had a good shot to unseat Evan Bayh in this environment. It’s too bad he’s not going for it.

* Anybody notice Bayonetta looks a lot like Sarah Palin? Are there any evil moose in that game?

* Why are bankers supposed to be worse than actors, trial lawyers, & the members of Congress who caused the banking crisis?

* Liberals constantly complain about corporations, but they also toady for any of them willing to push liberal aims.

* If Dems crafted better, more popular legislation, maybe it wouldn’t be so tough to get a single GOP vote in the Senate.

* I think the question the Democrats need to ask themselves is, “Why do the voters hate us?”

* We live in an overfeminized country. We could do with a lot more masculinity in American culture.

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