25 Short, Random Thoughts

* The secret is that there is no secret. The people who do the best are the talented ones who work the smartest, hardest, and longest.

* The solution to America’s problems isn’t new government programs, it’s scaling back the power of government.

* As the power of the state increases, our freedoms contract and the country’s future grows dimmer.

* I don’t want to kvetch because banker bonuses are paid w/ our tax dollars. I’d rather get out of the banks instead.

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* Conservatives need to stop legitimizing liberal groups as reps of an entire race: NAACP, La Raza, Sharpton, Jackson, etc

* Personally, I don’t find what Harry Reid said horribly racist. But, a Republican would be hammered, so the standards should be the same.

* If Fiorina isn’t self-funding & is only polling 3 pts better than DeVore against Boxer, what’s her upside supposed to be?

* Applying Ben Nelson’s Cornhusker kickback to every state could cost what? I’m guessing around 150-200 bil over 10 yrs

* Remember when Ted Olson was talked about seriously as a SCOTUS pick? We may have dodged another Souter there.

* Gitmo didn’t give us a “black eye.” Fighting back against radical Islam gave us a “black eye” w/ people who want us to lay down and die.

* The only difference between guys like Jack Abramhoff & Congress is that pols have made it legal to give them bribes.

* Weirdly, I find that media on the Right is less willing than non-conservatives to promote each other & trade traffic.

* The biggest mistake most bloggers make: They don’t know whether they want to be read or whether it’s a hobby.

* First Daily Caller thoughts: Great layout, lots of content, interesting. Can it keep the new content coming? What’s the $ burn rate?

* In the last few years the Rightroots attitude has changed from “we’re in this together” to “We’re competing for a slice of the same pie”

* Bad news: lost my wallet Friday. Good news: Someone brought it back. Bad News: 6 days later. New DL and bankcard ordered

* In “The Final Destination,” they’re unaware that we did fight the Chinese in the Korean War. Geeze, that’s embarrassing

* Finally watched Casablanca and Grapes of Wrath. Conclusion? “Classic” movie means “really depressing.”

* Lefties who at least make an effort to be fair, like Jake Tapper, used to be the rule in the MSM. Now they’re exceptions

* Winter 2009 will be known as “The Winter global warming died.”

* Just noting: I have zero interest in supporting any third party Tea Party candidates. None. Zilch. Nada.

* Take away God & “morality” has no meaning. There’s no such thing as “wrong” w/out a standard

* I’m always for my own species. I’d side with the living against the dead, people over orcs, and humans against aliens.

* Burglars deserve to leave homes they invade feet first with more holes in their body than they came in with.

* The Democratic Party was pro-slavery, Nazis were socialists, and Fascism is a left-wing political ideology. Suck it, libs

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