27 Random 140 Character Thoughts

* The avg. Dem in Congress has more in common ideologically with Trotsky & Lenin than they do Washington & Jefferson.

* Congress: Too stupid to do it right, too corrupt to be honest, & too arrogant to admit their mistakes.

* I don’t know who our next President will be, but I want her to be someone who considers America her home country.

* Amnesty for illegals: For those times when you have a 9.7% unemployment rate & want to take even more jobs from Americans

* There is no amount of good Barack Obama could ever do that could would outweigh the bad of letting Iran get nukes.

* Will Obama nominate a “moderate” judge who votes exactly like Pelosi would or a “liberal” judge who does? Such suspense!

* Failure’s good for us as long as the growth we experience as a result helps more than the failure damages.

* If you do something great and coast on it your whole life, you’re still not a great man despite having done a great thing

* Obama is like a walking liberal stereotype: Arrogant, unpatriotic, tax raiser, weak, socialistic, naive, a liar

* The Dem’s stimulus: It put us a trillion dollars deeper in debt & accomplished less than charm school for Keith Olbermann

* Every “too big to fail” firm that received bailout funds, including GM & Chrysler, should be broken up.

* Somebody explain foursquare to me, because I am really not getting the purpose for people who don’t want to die by stalker

* A reason people hate politics: You can’t take anything at face value. Every statement requires a political translation.

* Wow, Scooby! You ripped the monster’s throat out when it grabbed you. Turns out it was Mr. Krebs, the creepy custodian

* Any country without free speech is not a free nation. Hence Canada is not a free nation.

* Know what video game would make an awesome movie if it was done right? God of War.

* America’s friends have to worried about being ambushed by Obama while our enemies just have to worry he won’t bow enough

“The Happening” was the 1st film I’ve ever seen where the primary bad guys are ordinary trees, flowers, & grass.

* People need better Tea Party pics. They should be 90% pics of hot girls, cool signs, unique people, & the famous.

The Right has done “Crash the Tea Party” type stuff, too. You didn’t believe Grayson & Garofalo were real, did you?

* Medicare is a worst of both world’s policy: Too expensive to be sustainable, too popular to significantly cut back.

* Know how to “not think of a white elephant?” You think of a blue elephant instead.

* In this age of equality, shouldn’t we have more female streakers at sporting events?

* For every real act of racism in politics, there are probably at least 100 fake cries of racism for the sake of politics

* If Dems claim Americans are so angry it could lead to widespread violence, what does it say about the job they’re doing?

* We can either have a massive gov’t or a thriving economy, free people, & bright future — but it is either/or.

* I don’t bow to other people. No American should. Most of all, our President.

* So, if the Tea Parties are such stupid hatefests, why are libs admitting they have to infiltrate to fake it?

* All you have to do in America to be a “dangerous radical” is tell truths so obvious that a child could see them.

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