My 20 Favorite Tweets For August

* Liberals aren’t striving for future prosperity, they’re just trying to delay our day of reckoning for our debt until after they’re dead

* Obama’s new hurricane prevention measure: He borrows trillions from China, hires unions to dump it in the ocean, & blames Bush when it fails

* There’s nothing shameful about being poor. But, if you stay poor over the long haul in a country like America, you’re doing something wrong

* I do hope people realize that freaking out over the Bilderberg Group makes them sound like loons.

* Politifact =’s the Washington Post =’s the New York Times =’s MSNBC =’s the Daily Kos =’s NPR =’s CNN. The only meaningful difference? Tone.

* I’d like to permanently freeze the salaries of government workers in DC until they make the same on avg as people in the private sector.

* The people constantly shouting “Racism, racism” in politics can kiss my white ass and go to hell on a shutter as far as I’m concerned.

* Funny is a liberal friending me because I write for the HuffPo w/out realizing I’m a conservative

* If windmills were such a great energy source, T. Boone Pickens wouldn’t need gov’t handouts to build ’em.

* If you want to know what liberals REALLY think of blacks, women, gays, etc listen to how they talk about CONSERVATIVES in those categories

* In 2012, Obama will have to run on one of the worst records of performance in American history. Arguably, the worst.

* Obama’s failing because he’s been a devoted liberal. Libs get mad at him because the alternative is to admit liberalism doesn’t work.

* There doesn’t have to be much “there there” to damage reputations. Toss enough smears against the wall & some of them will eventually stick.

* Know who this hurricane makes me feel sorry for? Squirrels. Poor little fellas living up in the trees through all this.

* I have a general suspiciousness of race consciousness because in my experience, very little good ever comes of it

* Men have a duty to risk their lives and even die to protect a woman if need be. That used to be a common way of thinking. It still should be

* Want to stun people? Say the things everybody thinks privately, but don’t have the guts to say publicly.

* Most people would rather embrace a comforting lie than a harsh truth.

* Life has a trajectory that can be difficult to change. The farther you allow yourself to go off the path, the harder it’ll be to get back on

* The easiest way to guarantee that you’ll do too little is to try to do too much.

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