My 25 Favorite Random 140 Character Tweets From May

* American saying: Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. New flotilla saying update: Don’t bring a steel pipe to a gunfight.

* When you swing a lead pipe at an Israeli commando, you’re a combatant, not a civilian. A really, really dumb combatant.

* Big shocker: The same Europe that couldn’t ship its Jews off to concentration camps fast enough in WW2 hates Israel today.

* Arizona immigration law compromise: Instead of deporting illegals, bus them to any city in the US that wants them

* I want an American President who sides w/ America against Mexico. Not vice-versa.

* Nobody purged Arlen Specter, Dede Scozzafava, or Charlie Crist. They were losing elections & chose to leave instead.

* The GOP is the party of “No” all right. They’re saying “No” to turning America into Greece.

* The liklihood of an accusation of racism being legit decreases geometrically based on the proximity of Jesse & Rev Al.

* Saw a mag at the grocery store that promised “Justin Bieber’s life story.” What life story? He’s 16.

* Did ya hear that Disney’s subsidiary in China is working on a “dogs in space” movie? It’s called, “Yum, delicious!”

* No matter how much surgery Chaz Bono gets, she is NEVER going to be a man.

* Do you know how you become a “social media expert?” Call yourself one and talk about “community” a lot.

* Life just called. It said the easy way ain’t coming. So, that means we have to take the hard way and like it.

* Why do successful nations fail? Usually because they stopped doing the things that made them successful.

* There’s something sick & wrong in the environment of any kid marching against the display of the American flag.

* The international criminal court has less real world authority than Judge Judy.

* We free traders are way too casual about making sure the people we trade with open their markets up to American goods.

* Admiring Noam Chomsky’s political views and loving America are incompatible views.

* John Kerry’s on the phone. He’s saying he’s surprised at how big John McCain’s illegal immigration flip-flop has been.

* Went to Wal-Mart tonight and it was the 1st time since Bo was inaugurated that I don’t recall seeing him or Michelle on a magazine cover.

* Obama sure does golf and vacation a lot. Systematically destroying the American dream via socialism must be tough work.

* Woody Allen wants Obama as a dictator? Know who I want as a dictator? Nobody.

* Obama’s regulators worked w/ BP every step of the way before the spill & they’ve told BP what to do after. So why shouldn’t Obama be blamed?

* Oil drilling & housing loans are both very tightly regulated. But, when it goes wrong, Obama blames deregulation?

* If the Obama spill keeps going this bad, in a week it’ll be, “Ancient monster awakened by spill ravages Louisiana coast.”

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