My 30 Fave Personal Tweets For June

* My corollary to Godwin’s Law: “At some point or another, every single person on the internet will be called a Nazi.”

* People too often tend to ascribe evil motives to acts better explained by carelessness, stupidity, and thoughtlessness.

* Americans say they want bipartisanship in DC. But, what they reward is brutal partisanship mixed w/ lip service to unity.

* So, if Republicans are the ones in BP’s pocket, why did Obama take more money from BP than any other politician in DC?

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* If Alvin Greene is part of a GOP conspiracy, it’s only a conspiracy to make the SC Senate race totally AWESOME!

* Key skills for politicians: Pretending to be in touch, pretending to care, & pretending to know what you’re doing.

* If you think science and Christianity are incompatible, then you either don’t understand science or Christianity.

* Oil spill in the Gulf, deficit at crisis level, economy stumbling, Iran getting nukes: Top Obama priority? Golf game

* Rick Barber’s (Al-02) ads are entertaining & attention getting, but they also scream “I AM FLAKEY!”

* No one who really wants to stop illegal immigration or secure the border supports comprehensive immigration reform.

* As a society, we fetishize the wrong kind of diversity: Diversity of skin color instead of diversity of thought.

* The best Star Trek captains in order: 1) Kirk 2) Picard 3) Archer 4) Sisko 5) Janeway

* I admire my dog’s ability to become utterly OUTRAGED because there’s a squirrel in the yard.

* We can put a man on the moon, but we still can’t create grass that grows half as well as the weeds in my yard do

* New conspiracy theory: Twitter’s responsible for Obamatrina. Just look at the Fail Whale being rescued from oily water.

* I do kind of like the new Burger King ads which features their customers looking at Twilight fans like they’re stupid

* I’d love to be rich enough to send 10k to say the 100 people who made the biggest positive difference in my life so far.

* “Now I’ve seen everything.” No thanks, I really don’t want to see everything. Take Starship Troopers 2 for instance…

* The right side of the blogosphere seems to be getting smaller, but more centralized, and professional.

* How can any bill crafted by two sleazy, incompetent crooks like Dodd & Frank be anything but bad for the country?

* Have we ever had a President who’s more self-absorbed, thin skinned, & sensitive to criticism than Obama?

* Running deficits so big they’ll take decades to pay off to help improve the economy a little today doesn’t make sense

* A “kill switch” that can stop traffic coming from other countries is a VERY good idea. Is Lieberman’s bill? Not sure yet.

* I’m glad BP makes a huge profit. If they didn’t, how could they afford to pay to clean up the mess in the Gulf?

* If you throw rocks at soldiers or police, you’re begging to be shot. Don’t complain if it happens. You deserve it.

* Human nature is eternally an unfathomable mystery to liberals who believe life should work like a session w/ Dr. Phil.

* Obamacare update from my dentist: Health care costs for his employees go up 28% starting in July.

* Art can be shocking. But if it has no purpose other than to shock, it’s not art in any meaningful sense.

* If the Dems are as culturally inclusive as they claim, then crowds at all future Dem gatherings will be given vuvuzelas

* People should be careful about arguing that if moderate Muslims understood their own religion, they’d be killing infidels

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