My Fave 20 140 Character Thoughts For November

* Environmentalists: Wasting billions on global warming, killing millions by banning DDT, & starving children by fighting frankenfood

* Liberal feminism: Devotion to abortion, copying the worst traits of men, & pretending to be outraged by the real world.

* Liberals find a rationale for supporting just about anything that degrades morality, tradition, and American culture.

* Zombie flicks reveal innate optimism. They all feature 99.9% of people dying, but everyone pictures themselves surviving.

* I’ve eaten rabbit, alligator, turtle, deer, bear, ostrich — everything tastes like fish, chicken, or beef.

* If you have a moderate level of income & simple taste, you get to a place where there’s not a lot of new stuff you want

* I feel a lil guilty when I shop on holidays. It’s because of people like me that employees are working on Thanksgiving

* The GOP establishment has always trashed DeMint & always will. It’s because he actually tries to represent conservatives

* It’s a pretty good indication that someone doesn’t listen to Rush Limbaugh’s show if he refers to him as “angry.”

* Was reading through a RWN post in 2002 that actually linked Paul Craig Roberts when he wasn’t crazy. Seems like forever.

* Why do libs always excuse themselves from their criticisms of America? America is rich, childish, racist — but, not you?

* Honestly, it wouldn’t make much sense for Nelson or Manchin to switch parties because they’ll lose in a GOP primary.

* It’s nice to be able to take a walk after dark without having to worry about being eaten by wolves. Thanks civilization!

* If I don’t know you, you don’t get to send me pushy demands that I add your website. If I do know you, I better like you

* The further you regularly get outside of being masculine as a man or feminine as a female, the unhappier you will become

* How to make decisions: Carefully consider the alternatives, make your best decision, don’t reconsider unless new info comes in, don’t look back. Easy.

* I have zero sympathy for TSA workers who unconstitutionally molest people & say “I’m just following orders.”

* I’m pretty sure James Madison would see having your crotch grabbed as a condition of travel as an “unreasonable search.”

* If you STILL think we invaded Iraq to get their oil then you’re kind of stupid.

* Greed is accusing other people of being greedy because they oppose giving you more of their money to spend.

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