My Fave 25 140 Character Thoughts For September

* In America, it’s usually the bully who says he’s a victim, the extremist who cries over extremism, & the bombthrower who demands civility.

* If you live in a great country like America & don’t think life is “fair,” you better pray life never gets “fair” for you.

* The more the government acts like a parent, the more the American people become like children.

* If a charity gave out the same % of money they received in aid to the poor as the gov’t does, they’d be considered a scam.

* The average liberal today has more in common with old style Soviet commies than their fellow Americans.

* One of the most crucial questions to ask any GOP politician: What will you do to reduce the power & authority of gov’t?

* Barack Obama: An arrogant scold with no morals lecturing the rest of America on moral issues

* There are two areas I’d like to see government spend much more on: Border security & police for high crime areas.

* The Octomom is almost on welfare. Who could have predicted a single mom with 14 kids would have trouble supporting them?

* Bill Maher has the most devastating O’Donnell story yet. She claims to be conservative, yet she showers NAKED – Like a whore!

* The greatest male fashion accessory ever to go out of style? It’s the coonskin cap. It’s cool & implies you kill things

* Axe has great advertising, but most of their actual products smell like bad $2 cologne from the seventies

* Compromise? Compromise? How do we compromise w/ people who want to destroy everything that makes this a great nation?

* Of course, women reporters don’t belong in the locker rooms. You wouldn’t allow male reporters to be there with half naked women athletes.

* I look forward to Murkowski running as an outsider who wants to save us from people whose daddies didn’t get them jobs

* Speeding tickets are ridiculous. You pay court costs, convicted or not. You get off for BS reasons if you hire a lawyer.

* When you have to keep reaching back hundreds of years to equate Christianity then to Islam today, it says something

* Obama’s Sovietization of the American economy can only end badly. After all, look what it did to the Soviet Union.

* If you’re liberal and your name isn’t Hitchens or Lieberman, you don’t deserve any credit for anything good in Iraq.

* Conservatives tend to make songs/films too explicitly political. The aim shouldn’t be Fahrenheit 911, it should be Avatar

* All you have to do to change your mood is change what you’re focused on.

* If we actually could live 400-500 years, I wonder if it would get boring? Probably not so much if you’re dumb…

* I used to think it was all about talent. It’s not. Talent is actually just a prerequisite. Have talent, then get noticed.

* If doing the right thing was easy, there wouldn’t be anything noble about it.

* Christianity is supposed to be challenging, difficult, and cut against the grain of society. If it’s easy, it’s phony.

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