My Fave 25 Random 140 Character Thoughts For July

* Ever notice Obama regularly “takes full responsibility” for things & then immediately points the finger elsewhere?

* Poor Roman Polanski. You rape a girl and these conservatives never want to let you forget it – even though you’re famous!

* It would be a better world if more people in politics were close enough to punch each other in the nose.

* Odd, but true fact: The farther off a poll is, the more attention it draws. So, the worst polls make the most news.

* America needs to do more to punish nations that don’t support us. If there’s no penalty, why wouldn’t they do it?

* A show featuring liberal & conservative pundits in street fights would get fab ratings even tho the fights would be wimpy

* If say Tim Scott or Clarence Thomas referred to blacks as a “mongrel people” like Obama did, the Left would go insane

* Robert Byrd was a LIBERAL. He was also a member of the KKK. He doesn’t change ideologies because that embarrasses libs

* It’s a little late for a crook like Charlie Rangel to end his career w/ “dignity,” but he should resign.

* People laugh at Alvin Greene & Basil Marceaux, but would they be less competent than Obama, Reid, & Pelosi? Doubt it.

* Journalists report on private communications all day long, but when it happens to them w/ JournoList, they get upset

* I like Newt, but his brand has been seriously damaged w/ the base in the last couple of years.

* I’m glad Lindsay Lohan is going to jail. It might keep her from “partying” herself or someone else to death.

* Food, water, shelter, education & healthcare are absolutely, unconditionally, not “rights.

* General Rule: If a woman knows she’s attractive, don’t mention her looks. If she doesn’t, it’s OK to say she’s attractive

* If witches really communed w/ the devil & cursed people, wouldn’t they have been justified in burning them at the stake?

* I never quite get horror films that feature people figuring out a house is haunted & not immediately leaving.

* Some people lash out so much when they’re angry or afraid that you can’t afford to let yourself feel sympathy for them.

* The most under appreciated virtue in American society? Being discreet.

* Ironically, spell checker is, over time, ruining my ability to spell

* I’ve never seen someone who wasn’t patriotic, but who did strike me as a fundamentally good & decent person.

* Dif between men & women: Does anyone think the Old Spice guy worries women like him for his body, not his mind?

* Hate mail o the day: You & your website suck big conservative d*ck!!! I guess ignorance is bliss for you, you big dooshbag! – Susan Linville

* Ad: “My credit was bad, so I never thought I could get a computer AND a TV!” Maybe that shouldn’t be your top priority.

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