Top 10 Most Mind-Numbing Liberal Tweets

Top 10 Most Mind-Numbing Liberal Tweets

Have you ever read something that you’re pretty sure is going to make your eyes bleed? I’ve compiled 10 of the most mind-blowingly stupid liberal tweets, so grab the nearest garbage can and settle in.


10. Wil Wheaton

First of all, who is this guy? He sounds like a Dr. Seuss character gone wrong. Anyway, enjoy this little gem.

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9. Harry Reid

I think Dirty Harry has a Koch problem… someone should help him straighten that out.



8. Arianna Huffington

You remember when Romney called Russia a threat, and Obama blew him off? Well our dear Arianna Huffington jumped on that bandwagon, and ended up making a fool of herself. (Again.)




We all knew it was a matter of time before they ended up here. A tweet that implies right-wing racism while promoting a breakfast cereal commercial? They’ve got it covered!



6. Piers Morgan

Another shoo-in for this list. His lack of knowledge about the Constitution is enough to make you throw your remote at the television. But you don’t, because your TV is worth more than his opinions.



5. Ed Schultz

And while we’re on the topic of morons talking about the 2nd Amendment…



4. Toure

My personal rule: Never trust anyone with only one name. That’s why I’ve never gone to any Bono concerts. Oh, and don’t trust people who claim that people only survived the holocaust because they were white. They’re morons, and that level of stupidity might be contagious.



3. Ryan J. Reilly

In my humble opinion, this is one of the most iconic tweets in the history of Twitter.



2. Michael Moore

I have no words for this.



1. Nancy Pelosi

Botox Barbie never knows when to close her artificially-filled lips.



This is by no means a comprehensive list, and the tweets are not listed in any particular order. I’ll be compiling another list before long, so feel free to comment your favorite liberal flubs!


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