Abortion Mill Planned Parenthood Claims a Constitutional Right to Public Financing

Abortion Mill Planned Parenthood Claims a Constitutional Right to Public Financing

Next after a constitutional right to kill inconvenient children comes a constitutional right to force someone else to pay for it. When North Carolina drew up a budget that throws the highly profitable Mickey D’s of abortion off the taxpayer-funded gravy train, Planned Parenthood screamed, “We’ll sue!

One of North Carolina’s two Planned Parenthood affiliates filed a federal lawsuit Thursday to invalidate part of the new state budget that cuts it off from federal or state funds for family planning.

The budget written by Republicans in control of the General Assembly for the first time in more than a century states that Planned Parenthood and its affiliates are forbidden from receiving any contracts or grants from the state health agency. The lawsuit filed in Greensboro’s federal court by Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina contends the group is being punished for its abortion-rights advocacy, and its free-speech protections are being violated.

Our living, breathing Constitution apparently says that you don’t have free speech unless you can force other people to pay you to kill babies.

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You’ve probably heard this lie before:

“Their sole purpose is to single out, vilify, and punish Planned Parenthood as a particularly visible provider and advocate — even though, ironically, the eliminated funds have nothing to do with abortion, but will only deprive low-income people of desperately needed health services and teen pregnancy prevention programs,” the lawsuit said.

You see, they’re pouring the public money into the non-abortion side of the bucket. Similarly, not a penny of the $zillions in interests payments we’ll be making to communist China for the foreseeable future will go to building up its military and nuclear arsenal.

Efforts to separate Planned Parenthood’s greedy mouth from the taxpayer teat have resulted in similar federal lawsuits in Indiana and Kansas. The latter is the home of George Tiller the Baby Killer, who racked up a body count of over 60,000 late term abortions (a.k.a. infanticides), and his friend Kathleen Sebelius (a.k.a. the Abortion Queen), who as Secretary of Health and Human Services has become one of the most powerful people in the world thanks to ObamaCare.

Texas and New Jersey have also voted to cut Planned Parenthood funding, not that abortion wouldn’t be a lucrative industry even without the government subsidies. Maybe the age of Casey Anthony will inure us to moral vacuity — or maybe our gag reflex is finally kicking in.

Except babies.

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