Activist’s Home Raided by Authorities After He Made Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood

The Center for Medical Progress videos exposing the corruption and depravity that prevail at lavishly taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood, specifically regarding the marketing of body parts harvested from babies, were a setback for the abortion industry and those who promote it for ideological reasons. Now the progressives in charge are taking revenge:

An anti-abortion activist who made undercover videos at Planned Parenthood clinics said in a social media posting that California Department of Justice agents raided his home Tuesday.

Agents seized all video footage from his apartment, along with his personal information, David Daleiden said in a Facebook post. Daleiden, the founder of a group called the Center for Medical Progress, said agents left behind documents that he contends implicate Planned Parenthood in illegal behavior related to the handling of fetal tissue.

How do the authorities justify such a raid?

Rachele Huennekens, a spokeswoman for state Attorney General Kamala Harris, said in an email that she can’t comment on any ongoing investigation.

Harris said in July that she planned to review the undercover videos to see if center violated any state charity registration or reporting requirements. She said that could include whether Daleiden and a colleague impersonated representatives of a fake biomedical company or filmed the videos without Planned Parenthood’s consent.


Harris, a Democrat, is running for the U.S. Senate. Daleiden suggested in the social media posting that the raid was politically motivated because Harris has accepted campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood.

Even without the bribes, anyone running as a Democrat would be highly motivated to kneecap the enemies of Planned Parenthood. The nation’s leading abortion provider is so beloved on the left that Donald Trump has continued to praise it even after ostensibly becoming a Republican.

Despite its obvious guilt as detailed in the CMP videos, Planned Parenthood was cleared by a grand jury of misusing fetal tissue (a.k.a. body parts). But Daleiden and his colleague Sandra Merritt were indicted for using fake driver’s licenses for the purpose of investigating a clinic in Houston.

Hot Air comments:

The issue here is the overwhelming demonstration of government force and its outrageously disproportionate relationship to any potential crime resulting from the kind of undercover journalism routinely performed not just by other activists but also by mainstream media outlets for decades. It’s clearly intended as an intimidation technique, and a warning pour encourager les âutres who might want to call a politically protected industry to account for its actions.

The use of government force to intimidate citizens for political reasons is a symptom of everything this country has stood for since 1776 being allowed to slip away.

Enemy of the State.

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